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  • All students are expected to wear their uniform every day with pride.
  • The way we dress affects the way that we behave.
  • Our colours are Navy Blue and Red and uniform is available for purchase from the school office
  • Items such as navy blue track pants, shorts, ‘skorts’ and fleecy jackets can also be purchased from Big W, Kmart and Target
  • Shoes should be closed toed, waterproof and easy for students to participate in sport or other physical activity in.
  • Make up is not allowed, and students will be asked to remove it if worn.
  • Coloured hair is not encouraged
  • For safety reasons, jewellery is also not encouraged. It can easily be pulled as students play and can cause injury. Earrings should just be small studs.
  • Nose rings and any other facial piercings are not allowed. Again, for safety reasons,
  • Students will be asked to remove non uniform items (hoodies, items with inappropriate logos etc.) and given clean uniform to use for the day.
  • If uniform is in the wash or still wet, please call the office to let us know.
  • As Warrane is a SunSmart school, students must wear an appropriate hat which protects the nose, neck and ears during terms 1 and 4. All students are provided with a bucket hat at the start of the year
  • Caps are not allowed.
  • Please make sure all uniform items are named!

Please support us in upholding these rules so that all students look like they are part of the Warrane Primary School Team!